Root Canal Treatment

Tooth decay is a common issue that many individuals face, leading to significant visible damage to the teeth. When this damage reaches the nerve, the pain can become unbearable.

Root canal treatment involves replacing the damaged part of the tooth with durable materials and replacing the inflamed nerve causing the pain with an artificial nerve.

This allows you to eat and drink normally again. If the treatment is not done accurately and correctly, the decay can lead to an abscess, which requires surgical intervention.

What are the steps of root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment involves several steps that require precision for successful completion:

  1. Anesthetizing the area around the tooth using local anesthesia.
  2. Removing the decay from the affected tooth using a small drill to precisely remove the decay. This takes only a few minutes, and the patient will not feel any discomfort as this step is performed under anesthesia.
  3. Placing a temporary filling in the affected tooth once the decay is removed.
  4. Replacing the nerve with an artificial nerve suitable for the decayed tooth.
  5. After ensuring the tooth is ready for a filling, the temporary filling is replaced with a permanent one.
  6. Placing a crown on the tooth to protect it from wear and tear.

Complications of not treating the nerve

If teeth are left untreated after reaching the stage of nerve inflammation and only painkillers are relied upon, this can lead to complications such as:

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